Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Peace, Love, and Running

Maybe this is a common side-effect of being a psych major but...I am addicted to self-improvement books (well and Diet Coke if we are being honest..). I have been reading a book a month since January to complete a New Years Resolution and 4 out of the 5 have been some sort of self-improvement. I love it. The idea of positive psychology and the innate ability we all have to shape our personality and future "thrills me, fills me with fantastic terrors never felt before" (sorry, Edgar Allan Poe moment). The consequences of reading these books has exploded all over my room and notebooks in the form of a) motivational quotes/notes to myself b) goals. goals lists are everywhere, some handwritten and some more formally typed up c) schedules. The instant feeling of accomplishment that comes when crossing off a goal causes an immediate physical reaction for me. As cheesy as it sounds, I can't help by smile. I feel great about life and my future and this feeling has developed to my own personal drug. "It's like you're my own personal brand of heroin.."(that's embarrassing I just quoted Edward who, in all honesty, looks like a stoner..anyways, too funny not to include). The bad thing about completely a goal is that your knowledge of your capabilities expands and you can help but demand more of yourself. The goals keep growing in ambitiousness. For example, I am now signing up for a half-marathon.
The training is brutal.
I am in my first week.
Prayers and encouragement greatly appreciated.

The Road to Enlightenment
Something about the hippie movement always has drawn my interest. I oft imagine what it would have been like to be a part of the early hippie movement, actively protesting the civil injustice of the time. If only, If only the woodpecker sighs... Since last winter, I have been determined to become more educated on hippies and implement their beliefs into my life style. This idea is pregnant with irony due to me being an active LDS BYU student with no plans of leaving my religion. However, Hippism (made that up) and Mormonism can coincide if done properly. I am just ignoring the whole free love/drug thing. Which, to be fair, is a large part of their beliefs. A modern, religious, hippie--my goal. To accomplish this, I am teaching myself the art of meditation. It is going really well! ....I started yesterday but I am still interested and hopeful. Also, I am planning a "Wilderness Soul Search" where I am going to go and camp for a few days and explore the deep corners of my soul through poetry writing, meditation, scripture study, painting, hiking, and being one with nature.

Anyone have any suggestions about how they find peace or explore their self? They would be very welcome:) That's all for now folks! I'll keep you updated on my transformation to a running meditation guru!