Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Returning to Sprinkles and Mayo

My Floridian sojourn concluded with a tearless departure. Although remorse of leaving my newly acquired home and friendship filled me, the brightness of the future blinded me to fully experience the pain of leaving. Home! The destined tears did eventually make an appearance; however, seeing my family arrive at the airport was the incident that acted as a catalyst for such great emotion. You don't know what you've got till it's gone. My excited outlook of my return lasted for a few weeks and during these weeks the beauty of the mountains literally amazed me. Being a Utahan since birth, I have always been accustomed to the loving nature in which the mountains hug Utah Valley. The absence of such familiar, gorgeous landscape (even though it was "replaced" with palm trees and sunshine--my favorite things) made the return to such a boon to be thankful for.
Transitioning from housekeeping to scooping and spreading mayo was similar to taking a fish out of water than returning it to its natural habitat. Easy. Natural. Wonderful. The lack of Disney magic and luster of pixie dust slipped away unnoticed through my embracing of familiar sites and friendships. There ain't no place like home! OR there ain't no place like Jimmy John's and Cold Stone for that matter.
The BEST part about being in Provo is people watching. Ever since being introduced to this practice at an early age by my sage, humorous grandmother, it has played a significant role in my daily activities. People watching proves to be entertaining everywhere you go. You can bet I found some odd ones to worry over in Orlando! However, Provo is the best place because there are precious, BYU couples everywhere! (My definition of precious couple excludes ANY PDA more than holding hands--yuckie). Loving Provo couples is a recent change and I think it is due to becoming baby hungry at Walt Disney World. Strange I know, and possibly hard for those of you that know me best to comprehend but, I, Jacqueline Peck, am baby hungry. It is near impossible to work at a place so centered around families and leave without being inflicted. Go on and try it, I dare you..

*Life of a Scholar* (more accurately named, Life of a girl trying to put on the facade of a scholar..but the first one was catchier)

Strive for perfection: having a perfect spring semester. With the goal of perfect grades consistently hanging over my head, I am having a hard time not buckling under the stress. Rather than to dwell on the arduous pathway to my degree, I will tell of the quirky way I travel the path. My study habit are...well...original. First, I listen to my man Bob Marley whenever possible. His message of love and relaxing help battle my nerves. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery! Secondly, if I am not listening to Bob I will undoubtedly put in "The Little Mermaid." Even though I have copiously viewed this film, I never ceased to enjoy its musical spectacular and attractiveness of Eric--those eyebrows..yum! Plus, for some inexplicable reason, my studying abilities drastically improve. Thirdly, I must be comfortable and in sweats. Which means I do not study in the library if I can in ANY way avoid so. And finally, my system must contain a certain exhilarating liquid motivation, more commonly referred to as Diet Coke. The prejudice of this invaluable substance sometimes makes obtaining it a herculean effort. But don't you readers fret! I creatively manage to smuggle this illegal(ish) substance onto campus when needed. I also ignore the judgmental glares of my fellow students. We all have our sins! Judge ye not!

Welp! I must now leave and attempt to reduce the weight of this fat burden squashing my soul! In other words, do homework..gah. Love you all! Thanks for reading!