Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You may now refer to me as Wakina

I have always wanted be sent to fat camp. It's not that I believe that I am morbidly obese..I just wonder how I would hold up under such a vigorous exercise routine. Well, I am proud to tell you that I now know. In housekeeping, they like to gradually work you up to the daunting task of 18 rooms a day. You start at 8 and they load on 2 days everyday. It is like your wrists are duck-taped to a treadmill and your manager is pushing the up the speed and incline without concern if you are ready to adapt to such arduous demands! Each day I was overwhelmed with a feeling of inadequacy but somehow found it within myself to finish on time. This allowed me to glory in a great feeling of accomplishment and a not so great feeling of sweat. How am I doing now that I am assigned 18 rooms a day you ask? I knock those rooms out like it is no one business! Interesting fact: you burn 280 calories an hour vigirously cleaning. Imma gonna be one hot momma!

*Word Travels Fast in this Tourist Town!*
(or maybe it is due to immense language barriers?)
One day while innocently cleaning a room, Miquel, an older co-worker of mine from MeHEco, walked in and quickly inquired, "are you ready to strip?" My first thought was "how does he know about my skills?" JOKE. I was caught off guard, naturally. Then I realized he really meant, "are you ready to strip the beds so I can take the sheets?".....maybe I should just learn Spanish... but I have a feeling work wouldn't be nearly so scandalous nor entertaining!

*My Best Friend and the Other Jackie"
Everyone should be delighted to hear that I have overcome my shyness and feelings of exclusion and finally made friends at work. I am no longer the new girl that sits alone at lunch! Part of the recent surge in my popularness (bahaha) at Pop Century is the addition of new College Program kids. Finally! Youth!
Anyways, my favorite co-worker is Wakine from Mexico. He told me we have the same name and that I needed to start responding to Wakina. So I do. Wakine is the cheeriest man I have ever met, including good ole Saint Nick. He tells me wonderfully humorous stories and teaches me Spanish. What more could you ask for?
Despite the abundance in pleasant co-works, you do run across the occasional sour patch. This one is particular stood out because we share the same name. Besides she goes by Jackie and down here I am known as Jacqueline. She was just the epitome of a bad attitude and her whirlwind of negativity almost sucked me in! I approached our meeting with great enthusiasm, rejocing in the familiarity of a common language (even if every other one of her words was not appropriate for small children, or anyone for that matter). She quickly picked up on the strong stress signals I was giving off and offered her advice on cleaning rooms: cheat, but don't get caught. At first glance, her suggestions of cleverly cutting corners to increase speed seemed rather enticing. At second glance, I realized the strong moral oppostition I had to such behavior! As my mother taught me at a young age, I am a Peck, we do a good job, and finish what we start. I am proud to say I grasped onto my honor tightly and did not give in to the tempting arms of laziness! You would want to stay in a room serviced by this jackie.

*Work hard, play harder*
I do not know what I have centered my blog so much around work..all the REAL good stuff happens in my free time. However, the REAL good stuff doesn't get shared with the world..you guys just get the great stuff. I live in paradise. My days off are spent perfectly. I begin with laying out. I refuse to go back to Utah as white as I left it! Then I run and then I PLAY!! No complaints. I live at DisneyWorld. Every child's dream! And let's face it, I am just a big kid. I love all the friend I have made here and love our excellent adventures. I mean, I went on a motorcycle ride with a guy I hardly knew! Stuff that good just doesn't happen in Provo. Okay it does...but everything seems more rebellious in Orlando! I am learning the art of handstands and am becoming more knowledgable about the english language...aka I made vocab cards. I am so thankful for all the time allotted to me to work on my new years goals. 10k here I come!

Thanks to this blog I have something to think about during the menial tasks of my day. In between writting posts in my brain I daydream. Hard. But those too shall remain secret only to be revealed to my closest circle of friends.

That's all for now folks! Lots of Love!